Download version 2.5 manual in PDF format

If you are having trouble processing credit cards from a workstation, be sure you have run setupcc on that station. Setupcc is in your main Marks folder or can be downloaded here.

If you have Visual MARKS version 2.51 or higher:

Click on the link below and you will be prompted for a password., Enter the first password provided to you in the Newsbytes update fax, or call our office.

A message will pop up asking you to save the file vmsetup.exe. Save it to your desktop. You can close your browser when this has been completed.

Be sure that nobody is running Visual Marks for the remainder of this procedure. Check the location of Visual Marks by right-clicking on the Visual Marks icon, click Properties, and note the target location. Click OK to close. Double click the Vmsetup icon that was added to your desktop. The setup program will search and find your current Marks folder, it should be the same as the folder you noted in the Marks icon. If not, change to the correct Marks folder. Enter the second password when prompted. Finish the installation by following the prompts.

Start Visual Marks. You will be prompted that a "version update" must be run. Continue with the version update, which may take a few minutes. When this is complete Visual Marks will close and you will return to your desktop. Restart Visual Marks. You are now running Visual Marks 2.8

Download version 2.8 upgrade (password required) for 2.51 or higher users


If you have a version prior to 2.51: Contact technical support at 718-577-5504.